We all know some librarians are just so darn fantastic.  I must admit I have turned a lot of my comic making time into job hunting time now that I am a recent grad, but I wanted to have something up for the sake that Jaime and I are going to Tampa ComicCon!!! Whaattt?! I am so stoke because this will be my very first visit to a con.  Depending on how soon I get a big boy job, I can work part time on the comic and actually rent booths at conventions to show off my improved work. I hope I improve when I am allowed to spend more time with it, anyway!  On a side note, Saint’s Row came out, and I rented it and tried to beat it in one night. Needless to say now that I’m 25 I figured out that I am just too old to stay awake all night. I think the latest I can stay up now is 1. Yes. Those are posters for the magic school bus, and LeVar Burton.