Standing Up To Match Our Heroes

Wooing over heroes is a good thing, a favorable thing. But that just isn’t enough for me, I want to keep growing. I want to be a somebody! I want to have done great things in my life. It doesn’t have to be BIG things, newsworthy things… I just want to have said I have done the things I wanted to do, no matter how daunting the task or busy I was.  I made a webcomic because I knew I had it in me! I LOVE cartoons.  I also love video games, stories, and adventures, and then I realized WHAT IS AN ADVENTURE?! I’ve been going on adventures my entire youth, and wondered why I haven’t had any lately.  The thing is, is an adventure doesn’t have to be entirely real to be fun! It could be Dungeons & Dragons, it could be a really wicked video game, it could even (especially) be those night time stories our parents told us before bed!  I want to have inspired people for as much as I can, and I might not even be around when it happens. I don’t plan on dying, but it would be nice to have gallons of stories or adventures that people can follow in on, and hopefully get inspired to create something of their own!  My next two goals are to narrate and author a few short stories, and to make a couple captivating video games!  What two better ways to MAKE adventures than by using two of my favorite things to do it with.