Standing Up To Match Our Heroes

Wooing over heroes is a good thing, a favorable thing. But that just isn't enough for me, I want to keep growing. I want to be a somebody! I want to have done great things in my life. It doesn't have to be BIG things, newsworthy things... I just want to have said I have done the things I wanted to do, no matter how daunting the task or busy I was.  I made a webcomic because I knew I had it in me! I LOVE cartoons.  I also love video games, stories, and adventures, and then I realized WHAT IS AN A...

This is What I Do!

Thanks for visiting my site!  I'm aspiring to become a full fledged Video-game Developer, Cartoonist, Programmer, Author, Narrator, Youtube Host, 3d Modeler, and Steam Curator.  Boy that's a lot of hats...  but I love every minute I spend on it!  I decided to make this site to jumpstart myself into the habit of documenting my progress and showing (FINISHING) my projects. It's certainly a longer term goal than I first expected, but it's a journey! Right guys?  Turns out I can't run away from who ...