Working on Your First Game!

It’s a nightmare and scary and omg I have failed more times than I like. BUT I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I have worked on NUMEROUS game dev tutorials and unfortunately quite a few games I started on my own. It seemed like with each of the games I tried to make on my own, I had the vision, the basic programming knowledge or at least where to find the answer, and even a good floor plan with what I wanted to do in small attainable goals.  I got as far as the first level programmed before I would burn out. After putting in everything I learned into a game (not a whole lot), I wanted to put in MORE! How can I do this?! Why isn’t this working? Rinse repeat until I get it done, which was OFTEN.  And then I realized, my game works! Why is it not giving me that relieve of hard work? Why am I not powering through? I’m thinking that despite all the programming I’ve learned and made my game do a bevy of different things, I still had no models or images that were not stock or blocks.  I am the person who needs to see some aesthetic visuals to be constantly evolving along with the programming additions.  I really did decide to learn programming before 3d modeling, but I think I put too much time into one thing without having a balance.  I am will be adding learning 3D software to my list. I like to obsess over one thing until I master it well enough to my liking, but this time I’ll have to set down programming as often and find a healthy balance.