SWFL SpaceCon And a New Game!

Enter Space Log, Star date 170129:

Well my best bud Jaime of Nahual Studios found and has purchased a booth at the very first SWFL SpaceCon to show off a game he has been working on for quite a while now. He’s already made quite a few games already, but I think he aims to have this be the biggest one yet! It would be ill mannered of me not to promote friendly competition, so I signed up for a booth right next to his! Now I have till June 10th to make a video game to present!

I have been working on a detective game for the past two weeks and believe I can be done with a full beta demo by June, at the very least!  It’s a small first person oriented game that would be recognizable to JazzPunk or Tex Murphy, well, in the sense it is FPS and has a detective.  The detective game will be 5 small levels but full of interactive items and narration. While simple on story, I’m determined to bring the characters to life! I hope you all stay tuned for future screenshots and descriptions of what kind of puzzles and persons you will encounter!


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