8-Bit Hall of Fame Twitch

Wow was that an epicly hard and long weekend piecing this together, but certainly well worth the work and more!  Jaime and I convinced the owner of this store to have some kind of internet publicity and seeing how we were recently introduced to Twitch, what better way than to make it happen in HIS store!  We drove all over town on a scavenger hunt for the right equipment to set this bad baby up.  For two nights in a row we stayed till past midnight hooking this up to work on the gaming couch AND his one of a kind Arcade Cabinet that contains nearly every retro game known to man!  I am excited to have built what seems a great broadcasting relationship with the owner and now have become a weekly co-host!  This is big for me to be a co-host of a channel we made happen! Small as it is now, within our first hour or two of streaming we made 8 followers!  That’s way more than I have on my OWN Twitch account!  Well, CHECK IT OUT!