I Love Comics!

I love to love comics!  I must admit it’s rarely because the story, which is not to say a few don’t intrigue me.  I fall in love with the line work, the coloring process, and more potently, the simple style that can draw such emotion!  I try to capture that emotion in Tackonauts.  There are a few artists who do Comic comics that I like, such as Teen Titans Go’s Ben Bates.  Atomic Robo’s Scott Wegener,  Sky Doll’s Barbucci & Canepa, Very Near Mint’s Justin Peterson, and many more (wow that’s more than just a few), but I have special place in my heart for webcomics.  There are specific reasons for this.  Primarily, a webcomic page is independent of it’s archive.  It tells one joke or portrays one unique image, not an entire volume of story.  This way, I can simply leave off whenever I like,  as I usually have to finish a story all the way to the end, as I obsess over finishing things more than taking my time to enjoy them.   Another reason, is because let’s face it, Webcomics are not as serious as comic books. The drawing is more loose and I find that very appealing.  As a guy who’s struggling to get better at art, I often forget that cartoons are quick and silly, as in NOT a fine art! I shouldn’t have to obsess over getting the lines just write because no one can draw a cartoon wrong, it’s a cartoon!  Granted I want my art to be appealing, but that only comes with practice and more importantly (and hardest) consistency.