Learning C# as a Beginner

I have had quite a lot of input from members on Twitter to which I am grateful and did some of my own research on where to start thoroughly learning C# or C sharp.   I have several books but do not give me the homework to practice and retain what it is they are trying to teach me.

Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials by Goldstone is a VERY great introduction to C# and Unity3d.  However once you progress to much later in the book, it becomes out of date with Unity’s Particle system and as GUI now being replaced with UI in Unity 4.6.

Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D by Okita is another good book when first starting C#, or seems to be the case thus far.  While someone would certainly be able to follow along and understand the Chapters, there are parts that a redundantly over-explained.

A member on Twitter drew my attention to TalentBuddy, which presents opportunity to learn any of 14 languages at the cost of creating a free account before even previewing any material.  They also offer a 15hr/week “Mentorship” at an outrageous 1500 a month for three months. For these two reasons I am a bit hesitant to check any further on this lead.

There are other sites that struck my attention on today’s search, those being:

C# Yellow Book by Miles has been gleaming my attention here and there.

Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C# Free PDF and 1100+ pages long!  This comes with about 350 exercises and has me stoked. Of course it also comes with the warning that this book should take at LEAST 4-5 months to fully review. Challenge Accepted.

A C# Crash Course Seems to have a wealth of sequenced video tutorials.