New Goals

It’s a brand new year and with it brings a birthday closer to thirty.  Thirty is a pretty scary acknowledgement, and want to have achieved at least a few significant marks I could boast about at a cocktail party.  I have taken practice to coding a few hours every day and most of the weekend so I can get the mechanics of game making down. I finally finished Goldstone’s book and am back tracking to practice and relearn earlier steps.  From this I am playing with how to make the code do other things, things I want. I am finding many times where I am looking up reference from Unity’s documentation page.  It’s a good feeling because I actually understand it well enough to navigate to where I want now.  After playing games like Gone Home and Tesla Effect, I really like the idea of making my first game as a FPS Adventure game of the points and clicks!  Mostly because I have been learning mostly this sort of interaction from the book, but because I just really LIKE those types of games. I have at least two ideas for small games right off the bat, oddly enough it was from an old DnD game I hosted where I got one of them! >:} No spoilers though!

After those, I want to make a Zelda-esc game, make a COOP campaign for it, make a sidescroller like Tomba!, and perhaps after that who knows what I could come up with after all that code I’d have been practicing.