Starting a Let’s Play!

Whenever I sink my teeth into a project, I never seem to understand the magnitude of how big it really is. AAAnd I innuendo’d myself, awesome.  I really like playing video games, with the rare spare time I have, and want to make the most of that time by recording it to document any unforgettable moments you can never really reenact at a cocktail party, or where ever adults go to socially adult.  The truth is, it would be pretty cool to get it big on Twitch or YouTube and earn some revenue to do something I enjoy.  That IS a respectable amount of work, and should be treated as such.  I needed to find a way to stand out, and hopefully with this new Overlay, (I haven’t seen any like it) I can do that. Now I need to host some interesting games (NOT the popular ones), AND with the opportunity Jaime brought along, design the layout for a very cool new talk show to accompany our podcasts!