Creating a Podcast

Creating a podcast was a promise to myself that I would be serious about pursuing ALL the goals on my bucket list. I've always wanted be a known story teller and there's no way to do that unless I tell stories. Life has a way of being vibrant and a little overwhelming at times, but that is no excuse to not grab your life by the horns and get the things you've always wanted to do done! I'm going to be honest, there has been a significant amount of deaths in my life in the past five years and it i...

MrBalin’s Podcasts

I've listened to numerous stories in my life and always loved writing them. As I've grown, I have set aside that joy to work on other goals. After having a life changing experience, I know that I want to at least have had a couple good stories out there for people to listen to. So I started a Podcast! Will work on more stories when I can, but go check it out!