The Learning Curve

I must admit while there was a sea of opportunities and influences in my life, I didn’t have confidence to cross them when I was younger.  As we all know by now, we only regret what we didn’t do.  But enough of THAT noise!  I want to share my voyage along the way in hopes that I can be the nudge people need to do what THEY are passionate about.  I absolutely have been head over heels about webcomics since I first knew they existed, which was in high school.  I even tried my own a couple times in the past, the most current of them is Tackonauts.  I figured if it was that much fun reading them, it must be gallons more fun to actually write and draw them too!  Turns out it’s tougher than I thought! Ideally it’s tough for me to commit to draw a comic because it takes me like four hours.  I realize this is because I do not draw enough on the computer and should I make myself do so more consistently, I in turn, will be able to draw comics faster!  In that, I decided to buy three sketchbooks. One to draw facial expressions (the sillier the better), one for quick gestures and figure drawing (for anatomical purposes), and the third to draw from real life ( as which almost everything can be derived from).  There are two particular sites I found amazingly informative in learning how to draw. In real life and digital, and silly to realistic. They are: Ctrl+Paint and Toonbox Studio.  I really hope they help you.  As far as literature on the subject goes, I must say Andrew Loomis has been quite revered for very good reasons.  I am also in the process of reading The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams.