Jaime and Balin’s Podcasts

I'll drop the link like the hotcakes it IS!  Today carried an unexpected but amazing new surprise! Jaime stopped by the house because he wanted to start doing his podcast again. This time around he wanted to try doing it with a cohost to keep the conversation alive.  In this first episode (still figuring it out), we reminisce the times of our youth and what we had to do to satisfy those gaming goals and thrills!  We tried having a very loose guideline till we get a grip on how the software and h...

Jaime del Barrio

This guy is on his way to being the best programmer in the 8-bit realm! In fact, He's already working on a game portraying a store that sells 8-Bit games FOR a store that sells 8-bit games, called 8-Bit Hall of Fame!  Right now he's mastering the art of Let's Play with his new PS4.  He often goes by the handle (Nahual) online. Check out his website: Nahual Studios!