SWFL SpaceCon And a New Game!

Enter Space Log, Star date 170129: Well my best bud Jaime of Nahual Studios found and has purchased a booth at the very first SWFL SpaceCon to show off a game he has been working on for quite a while now. He's already made quite a few games already, but I think he aims to have this be the biggest one yet! It would be ill mannered of me not to promote friendly competition, so I signed up for a booth right next to his! Now I have till June 10th to make a video game to present! I have been wo...

Jaime del Barrio

This guy is on his way to being the best programmer in the 8-bit realm! In fact, He's already working on a game portraying a store that sells 8-Bit games FOR a store that sells 8-bit games, called 8-Bit Hall of Fame!  Right now he's mastering the art of Let's Play with his new PS4.  He often goes by the handle (Nahual) online. Check out his website: Nahual Studios!