Starting a Let’s Play!

Whenever I sink my teeth into a project, I never seem to understand the magnitude of how big it really is. AAAnd I innuendo'd myself, awesome.  I really like playing video games, with the rare spare time I have, and want to make the most of that time by recording it to document any unforgettable moments you can never really reenact at a cocktail party, or where ever adults go to socially adult.  The truth is, it would be pretty cool to get it big on Twitch or YouTube and earn some revenue to do ...

The MrBalinTV Show!

Wanna see me in action?! Visit MrBalinTV and see what games I'm playing, art I'm drawing, animations, and soon... hosting Dungeons & Dragons campaigns!  It took me forever to figure out that I can easily share the treasured moments I find in gaming and art with anyone I like, no matter how far they are.  Playing video games has always been a great way for me to get people together and that's what I hope to aspire here at MrBalinTV.  I'll post reviews about the games I've played by text or Vl...